Masterpiece Motion - The New VR Software That Makes Rigging Any 3D Model Easy and Fast

Masterpiece Motion is the world's first professional VR software for content creators who want to quickly and easily rig 3D models for gaming and animation.

Do a quick google search for “why is rigging so hard” and you will find a litany of results. Forums abound. All sounding the same alarms. The whole process has been frustrating, time-consuming, difficult, and not intuitive.

Most people are tired of the finicky work to get the weight painting just right. Another reason, onboarding traditional programs can take a lot of time. There is also, of course, the associated costs as many rigging apps are expensive and hard to learn.

MasterpieceVR is a forward-thinking company that is continually evolving, integrating with the latest technologies, and leading with innovative ideas. This is why we are excited about Masterpiece Motion - a professional solution that gives you more creativity.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons Masterpiece Motion is not part of a revolution. It is the revolution.

Intuitive & Easy

With Masterpiece Motion, rigging and skinning goes from being a tedious and time-consuming being easy, fun and intuitive. With true depth perception in VR you can quickly move around any 3D model.

We’ve created a step by step in-app onboarding that gives you the control to understand how to rig quickly. We achieved this by basing the navigation from our award-winning UX/ UI design from MasterpieceVR.


With Masterpiece Motion, you will be rigging in minutes. You can simply draw out your rig on any 3D Model or you can apply our auto-rigging and auto-skinning features to any humanoid model and get to your goal in moments instead of hours.

Saving Time & Money

Masterpiece Motion is a great, inexpensive virtual reality alternative in an industry with large price tags associated with licensing fees or monthly subscriptions.

We have kept it simple. 2 tiers- Individual or Team. Starting at $9.95, you get updates, upgrades, and other exclusive Masterpiece offers.  

Not only will you save monthly, but you’ll also save more because Masterpiece Motion lets you work faster. More time. More money saved. More opportunities to take on additional projects.  

Seamless Integration

There are industry standards and other programs we love too. We recognize you have the same feelings. So, we have made sure that anything you rig in Masterpiece Motion is compatible with numerous professional options that help you finish your animation.

When you are finished rigging, simply export from Masterpiece Motion and import into:  

Desktop: Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya, ZBrush, Houdini, 3DS Max, SketchUp, Sketchfab, Marmoset, Motion Builder, Substance Painter, Unity

VR: Flipside, Tvori, Quill, Mindshow

Future: GravitySketch, Google Poly, Medium, AnimVR

Revolutionize Your Workflow

You won’t be cutting corners with Masterpiece Motion.

When rigging in the past, you had less choice. One example is that you would have to keep in mind how a character might be used later. To cut corners you might not rig every asset to its fullest potential. Maybe the scene storyboard didn’t call for it, and you always had those time constraints. These characters would now have a technologically imposed limitation. Future creativity and the mobility to experiment along a pipeline would be a real pain to execute.

With Masterpiece Motion, you benefit from being able to rig complex characters intuitively, easily, while saving time and money. With us, rig professionally and your animations will be fully in motion.